About Meter-Man Flow Products

The automatic sampling of Pipeline Pumping Station and Separator Package material transfers is a key industrial requirement in the accurate assessment of product quality and value. We at Meter-Man Flow Products have been proudly serving the Oil and Gas Industry for the past 18 years at many locations throughout Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Meter-Man Samplers are specifically designed to assure representative samples of production while meeting sample frequency and quantity requirements.

We work hard to ensure utmost quality in safety, preventative maintenance, and environmental awareness as well as ease of installation and operation.

Meter-Man Flow Products designs and manufacture includes Pneumatic, and Electronic, Proportional, Auto, Oil Samplers for Sour and Sweet Service and High or low pressures, to suit Separator Package and Pipeline Pump stations applications.

Choosing Meter-Man Flow Products Samplers, means choosing trusted, reliable, and durable source of Liquid Auto Samplers.

We look forward to being of service for our customers and their project requirements.